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You will all have seen the announcement by Jakob on SOL’s Homepage entitled Sailonline to belong to the SYC Community.

Over the next few days, as a current SYC Member, with membership valid on 1 May 2013, you should receive an email from Svein inviting you to participate in this project – the subject will be “Sailonline to belong to the SYC Community” so you can easily recognise it.

The email address used will be that stored in the SOL server. We do understand that some of you do not maintain a valid email address there to keep it out of your profile.


If you have not received an email from Svein by 8 May, but are interested in contributing to SOL’s exciting new future, please send an email to svein.a@telia.com confirming your boatname/first name/last name/email address and the invitation will then be emailed to you.

Once the invitation period ends, a complete breakdown of who has chosen to participate will be made available to all involved and, separately, an announcement made here and on the Homepage to confirm that the project is moving on to its next stage and what that entails.

We hope many current SYC Members will be as excited as we are in ensuring the future running and success of Sailonline.

Svein, Piero, Joanne

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18 May 2013

- In early May an email invitation was sent to all SYC Members (as at 1 May 2013) to participate in the future of SOL, as a result of Jakob's announcement.

- The closing date for this current participation is 25 May. If you wish to participate, were an SYC Member on 1 May 2013 and have not yet seen the email from Svein, please email him at svein.a@telia.com confirming your boatname/first name/last name/email address and the invitation will then be emailed to you.

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“If you have announced interest in participating in New Company, AND have not
received a thank-you-email from Svein, PLEASE send a copy/new to him at
The process of negotiation and signing the contract has required more time than anticipated,
mainly due to the low activity during summer months.
There are good chances that the speed will pick up starting next week, and the actual transition
should occur towards the end of Q3.
I will post more info in Forum as soon as available.”
“What started as the “Blue Book” project by Piero (WINSTON_4) in the autumn
of 2010 and which resulted in a meeting between Jakob, Piero and me in October
2012 at ARN airport has now reached its penultimate Milestone.

This Milestone is the Agreement signed yesterday (August 21st 2013 at 14:45utc) in the
office of Robert (robert1) between Jakob and me specifying the terms by which
Sailonline/SOL will be transferred from Sailport AB (Jakob’s company) to the
Community of SOLers with a New Company as the vehicle.

The New Company is Sailonline NavSim AB and will be owned and controlled by
shareholding members of SYC. The target date for the physical transfer is September 20th 2013.

We are now in a position to start organizing the future of SOL along the principles
outlined in the Blue Book, which in due time will be available to shareholders and any interested SYC member. Racing on SOL will remain gratis!

The SYC Forum will continue to be used for the dissemination of information as we go
along. SYC members will be given SYC-specific information via email, as appropriate, so please make sure that we have your valid email addresses. Shareholders will be receiving their specific information via group emails.

I take this opportunity to congratulate the Community of SOLers and thank all who initiated
and carried this process to this point.”
Yours truly Svein
The transfer of sailonline.org is now successfully through its first stage, which means it is owned by the new company Sailonline NavSim AB.
The next step is to stabilize the technical platform, which is competently handled by hmm and Brainaid as well as tested by many SOLers.
Concurrently we are communicating with the future shareholders of Sailonline NavSim AB.
When all shares are paid for we proceed to officially register the shares and then the transfer to the Community is complete.
The actual organization is still work in progress and more info follows as we go along.
I would have liked to be able to issue this statement a lot earlier than now, but we’re going to do this the legal way, which means that there are procedures to be followed – the law is equal for mini-companies and maxi-companies alike.
After almost a month of deliberation, the Swedish Companies Registration Office has accepted our issue of new shares, i.e. increase of share capital as well as a few other modifications. This enables me to start distributing the share Certificates/Receipts to the SYC-members who are the new shareholders. If you have signed up for shares and not received your document by November 15th, please email me at svein.a@telia.com.
The work will now start on the establishment of a management team and organization for the future and that is the major reason for enclosing the Blue Book which is the framework within which we shall shape that future of Sailonline.
FW Svein

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