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Board » General Discussion » NY-SF start time

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Go as planned
Actually the best start time to get us to the doldrums faster would be around 02:00~03:00 thur the 7th.
But I vote no more changes. Let's just race.

I always start late anyway, and always finish in the top 150-200, whatever everyone else wants I'm good with.
I hate work, it always gets in the way of having fun. LOL
looking for a FP Bahia Maestro 42 CAT
Agreed... long race and a lot can happen. Conditions are the same for all... So... Let's get cracking on planned start time
I like to talk a lot... sometimes I even make sense, mostly not...
I agree the systems will be what they will be and we should go as planned. Its a long race and in real sailing in general races start as advertised without being able to pick and chose the best weather. PR

As at now, the majority are in favour with staying with the current start time.

The stats are:

Current Start: 17
New Start: 2
Don't Mind: 2

I am now out until later this morning so, despite this majority, we will of course wait until the midday cut-off. That's fair isn't it?


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Thank you all for your replies so far, this can help us for future races as well.

My personal thought is go as planned and if we like it we can always re-visit this one and set it up so we can have even more of a record run.
I am a ex-admin of SOL who joins in from time to time.
Greetings to all, my opinion is that you should not change neither the hour nor the day of departure, ie would have to leave the day was planned from the beginning, as the race is long and winds conditions many days can vary widely as to the best and worse.

saludos a todos , mi opinion es que no se debe cambiar ni la hora ni el dia de la salida , es decir que habria que salir el dia que estaba previsto desde su origen, ya que la carrera es muy larga y las condiciones de vientos en tantos dias pueden ser muy variables tan to a mejor como a peor
Let's get going as scheduled. The weather on this one is going to even out the optimum starting time anyway due to the length of the race.
Start as scheduled, a race is a race no matter what the conditions.

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