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Board » Technical Support » Possible bug/feature on Flash client

HI Guys

I notice that when running the flash client, my boat moves in near-real-time. Other boats do not move though.

Is this correct?


You boat is updated every 15 sec (it's actual update times varies between 15 sec and 2 minutes depending on how recently you actively steered your boat). All other boats are updated every minute.
I have the same problem.
I must manually refresh browser to uppdate other boats.

Problem #2 (Big problem)
I can´t connect from company network with non of the three clients.
(flash, mobile or original client)


Thanks Kalle.

It def does not seem to move other boats. I have left my screen idle for 10 mins. Please see teh result in teh atatched.

One other issue that is prob related also, a Grey version of my boat if left behind while the Pink version hops forward. Is this correct?

BTW, running IE7 on XP and Flash 9,0,124,0

See the attached screenshot of what I mean.

Oddly enough, If I open a new tab withing the same IE7 browser session, it forces an update and all boats, including my grey version, hop to the correct place.

I have tried Firefox to see if same issue there but so far I cannot get the Flash client to run properly on there. Opens up but no data downloaded.


Got firefox problem sorted. I was connecting to http://sailonline.org/windy/run/103/#. Client would open but no data. As soo as I chnaged URL to http://www.sailonline.org/windy/run/103/# (Added www.) then data came and all OK.

AND, interesting, all boats are updated and move correctly every minute. So looks like a problem when running in IE7.


Hi Kalle

ANother bit to add to this bug/feature.

In Firefox, even though all the boats move as they should, the distance and bearing information that appears in blue next to you pointer appears to be measured from the position your boat was when you last refreshed, not from where your boat currently is.


I've made an update that should fix other boats not moving in IE7.
It would be nice if the boat was placed off center so ~70% of the map is displayd infront of the boat when I hit boat button.


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