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Board » Technical Support » 5 Feb Client is BACK! - available as a 'Beta'

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Yeah it can be a little confusing as DTF is computed somehow, but roundings are not scored in practice mode...

Would be interesting to note your DTF as you sail around (I might do this on DC - or just peek the code ;-))
I help develop the client interface for the best online ocean racing sim there is... __/)/)_/)__
Once again as I sail south... my DTF is increaseing. wouldn't this suggest that I didn't round the mark? Other boats on the same heading are decreasing DTF.
Do you mean to say that it still shows as 'Leave to Port' ??
That is because mark roundings are only scored in the real race.
The other client version will be the same

When I sailed north again and rounded the mark this time it changed to "rounded" even during practice sailing. So my mystery of why I didn't round it the first time still stands???
OK, my mistake - it has been a long time since I sailed the course in practice mode...

However, roundings are scored on the server. The client simply displays information it receives from the server about the state of your boat, its situation on the course (which leg are you on?) etc.
So this can't be a client side issue.

To me it looks like you rounded twice from your track. One possibility is that you happened to pass the mark within the 60 second or so window that the server was down on Friday (there were a couple of resets taking around 60 seconds). It is possible that if you crossed the scoring line during a reset then the code to detect roundings was not running, hence was not scored for you. That's about all I can think of (an why we do server restarts while races are in practice mode if possible)

Was it between 1600 and 1730 on 12May this occurred ?
I help develop the client interface for the best online ocean racing sim there is... __/)/)_/)__
In my short adventure so far with the wonders of SOL I've witnessed some pretty creative things come out of pratice sailing, as for this "fort" my sails are still green. **practice 2 learn** Thank you for checking my wake in the Perth ISAF Fleet Race Practice.
It was a situation I had yet to see and since I just started to explore BETA SOL I thought I'd bring it up.

My ships log went overboard...uggg
I'm not sure what time I passed the mark
But Friday around that time could very well put me within a reboot.

Thank You again.
In a recent race I used the optional Notes feature to list some headings I wanted to save for future reference. After making the list I used the backspace key to correct some mistakes in the list.

After getting some sleep later in the race & with a new browser open I checked the previously listed entries only to find that the changes I had made were not as I had left them but had reverted to the way in which I had 1st typed them.

Does the Notes feature need a Save button to update and retain info that may have been edited ?
None so blind
I hope the beta will become the default way to SOL and the old version the optional view. In honour of Aaron.
During the recent Sea Lion Sprint I was again using the Notes feature while updating some information relating to a second attempt of the course. I again encountered and confirmed my above observation of making changes that were subsequently lost however from just futzing around I discovered why & how to insure that future edits can be handled correctly within the Notes module.

Simply backspacing over a letter/number or two in the process of editing some previously entered data will not complete the change unless the line on which the change occurred is followed by a more recent carriage return (enter) as well.

This also applies to any new entries that are not followed by a function that advances the cursor the the next line. If you have not closed the browser these pending entries will still be there if you check back but once you close the browser and return at some later point they will not be saved unless completed in the described fashion.

None so blind

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