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Board » Technical Support » How did I jump the finish line--Sthlm-StP

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Kalle, Jakob or anybody with the ability to pull up boat tracks. I cannot get them on my client. I would like to know how I sailed over the finish line in recent Sthlm-StPete time trial. I was sure that I was comiing in below the center of the line. Yet where I checked in around 20:10 to see how I finished I was on the north of the island behind the line. I would love to see a track of my course or at leasat a discription of how I missed. I was sure that I'd finish around 18:30-35. It's a real bummer to miss after staying up most of the night to get a good time.
I recognize your frustration. I've used the "pick a course arrow" a few times to pick a cc and still hit land. It seems that it's not wihtin 1 degree accurate.
captjack: You passed 0.3nm north of the finish line, I feel your pain.
Guess I should have been more careful about zooming in to see the dot. Also may have gotten careless about leaving boat on TWA. I've gotten caught on that one several times now.
Thanks for the info and support guys.
trying to get started , but I am really not sure where to start :-)
do I get a boat or join somebody else or what?
hmmmmmm , another beer I think :-)
Hi werner, check under "Getting Started" in the menu. Please post again if you run into problems.
been trying to load the client programme, but my pc is not doing it
, keeps coming back with an error :-(

no doubt I will find the problem sooner or later .
werner, post the error in a new thread here so we can look at it.
I missed the finish line after resetting it twice! I was using compass course, zoomed in to the line after rounding the last mark, set the course to the north side, but inside the mark. I checked it a few hours later and the line was north of the gate, I reset it again(2.5 hours to the line) even more to the south, like 1/3 inside and went to bed. Checked later to fine it went north again. I checked to see that I was on compass course after it went off course the first time.
The only thing I did unusual was to really zoom in tight at the last mark(3)? Also I had used TWA on the middle of the 2-3 leg and noted it had reverted back to compass course the next time I signed in?
Any insight would be appreciated.

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I've found that course changes operate in tenth degree increments. If you zoom in very much and try to set course between the increments it will jump to the highest end of the increment. I have found several times that I have to set course to next tenth under in order to get inside mark.
Unless you zoom way in--it may appear that you are aimed at end of line dot, but you may actually be missing it by a fraction of a tenth of a degree.

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