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Board » Sailonline Yacht Club » First SOL meetup in north Europe

Just recognized the vote are anonimous :o!
Please left a short comment saying who will join( I am guessing the 4 eheh) and WHERE you would like to make next! (or contact me if you want to stay anonimous of course)

Dear friends,
I am glad to invite you to the first SOL meetup in north Europe!
the choosen location is in DK as it is easier to link to the event to the biggest regatta around the island of Fyn
The circuit is well known to all the Soler as we raced few times around that island.
The location is also easily to reach with plane, car, train, boat.

To accomodate the higher number of partecipants there are 3 basic options:

1) Only dinner (on 26th or 27th May)
2) Dinner + Racing weekend with Soler´s boat.
3) Dinner + Racing weekend with a charter boat.

Option 1) is open to all the SOLers that want to have a great evening

Option 2) is open to all the SOLers that will join with her/his boat and would like to enter IRL race and take some SOLer on board.(cruise in company style). You will get a first class crew of experienced SOLer and expenses cover for the race entrance. ( to be shared between crew on board)

Option 3) is open to all the SOLer that do not have a boat but would consider to charter a boat (40ft class) for the weekend.
All expenses will be shared between friends on board.

To give your comment, ask question(s), submit your NOT binding feedback on which option you would like to follow please contact me.
As for privacy reason I do not have access to the SOL maildatabase please share this invitation to all your friends.
Any question, anytime to me.
Best regards and goodwind waiting your reply.
Gilberto aka Gilles

--- Zuletzt bearbeitet von Gilles am 2017-03-12 08:45:59 ---

Poll: I will join and take option

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Hello, Gilles,

is there any possibility to take part in a meet up in germany?

Unfortunately I have not so many options to travel
table reservation :)

SWE Robert
SWE Robert?

--- Zuletzt bearbeitet von Gilles am 2017-03-24 07:06:03 ---

--- Zuletzt bearbeitet von Gilles am 2017-03-24 07:06:51 ---
Abend, Gilles,
danke, für deine Antwort. Ich wohne in Hannover.
It would be really fun to meet other SOLers in DK. I will think hard about this. Don´t think I´m intersted is sailing (I´ve done 9 Gotland Runt, so it´s not that), but I have to see what I will be doing at the time you have suggested. I will be back :))
Considering joining you guys for that quite little drink 25/26/27 May. What would be the airport, how far from the venue (hire car, train, taxi ??) and where might we kip?
Billund airport is served by Ryanair and is in the middle of DK about 40 mile away... regarding kip, let see what we can organize ;)
I will definately be there. Most likely not sail (for the first time in ten years)

Lars Bøcher
(aka. Mouthansar)
was not a surprise that the most answer I got were "no boat?, no party!"
Accidentally the 2 options that I have to grab a boat has sinked in the last weeks....
So I have to postpone this on a next future.
Could be that I will go there anyhow as there is holiday in Germany.

However the plan B is the following:
I will attend to the presentation of SOL during the buddyup with the Silverrudder, same location, end of September.
The local SOL crew is already up and running for that.
So stay tuned, there WILL BE a SOL party in DK this year! ;)
Good wind

--- Zuletzt bearbeitet von Gilles am 2017-05-13 15:03:13 ---
Just remember...
The Silverrudder is the 22. September and placed in Svendborg, only 70 km south-southeast of Bogense. All SOL'ers are welcome to join with the SOL team. Just bring your computer, laptop or whatever. We have our own stand, our own internet connection and will be racing against the IRL fleet with an X-99.
If you want further info, just contact me on finn@sailonline.org

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