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Board » Technical Support » Problem with course selection in new client.

Last night at apx. 3:30 to 4:00 AM PST (11:30 --> 12:00 UTC) I had set alarm to wake to make course change at Lizard Pt. to finish. I spent about 30 minutes triple checking course adjustments to make sure that I had set a CC to hit the finish line just north of the south mark.
As I had to get up early and leave this morning, I was not able to check on finish till apx. 10:30 AM PST. When I did I found that my boat had passed to the south of the bottom mark and my boat was wrecked on shore.
Is the CC setting using the helm tool setting the course on Great Circle course or direct CC? If so please explain.
There are many times when we must by necessity be away from our computers and must trust that when a course is set it will be accurate. It just cannot be a moving target. When we set a precise course especally over such a relitively short distance (apx 40 Nm) we expect it to happen. :(
Possible Solutions:

Set a course with a "little in the bank" = aim higher just in case, just like IRL sailing. If you aim at the mark, you'll need to tack to get around it.

Allow for a little leeway.

These ancient rules must be followed.

Just shows again how SOL is very similar to the real life situation!

--- Last Edited by Paul Rosser at 2008-12-10 20:44:28 ---
If it breaks, it's not strong enough!
I'll look at the code and come back with a straight answer.
Although I prefer the new flash tool over the old client, I have to say exactly the same happened to me as mentioned by captjack1942 as well last night. I zoomed in all the way over the finish line and saw my own '6 hour ahead line' crossing easily the southern tip of the finish line - with some head room. However, I also crossed the line and kept going until I hit land the other side. I woke up and sailed back over the line a second time before it was registered.
Maybe - the finish line could change colour like the rhumb line when you are on course to hit it?
Me and Jakob looked at the code. The "pick course" tool is not using great circle, but the value is rounded to two decimals (as shown in the box). That was unintended and a mistake - I will rewrite that code as soon as I've got some spare time.
Thanks Kalle, Yeah a tenth of a degree is way more than enough. IRL you're lucky to get within 5 degrees of a course line. :-)

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