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2008 -2013 SYC Week Race Championship results for CG

Full 2008 -2013 SYC Week Race Championship results

Summary for all results by CG

Total rank #121 with 1023 points.

Used races (top 7 of last 14 races)

Race  Date  Final place  Points
Valletta Sprint 2013 2013-10-19 101 101
Brisbane to Keppel Race 2013 2013-08-02 DNF 109
Gasparilla Raid 2013 2013-12-10 124 124
Audi Hong Kong to Vietnam Race 2013 2013-10-17 135 135
Bornholm Race 2013 2013-07-08 DNF 146
Antwerpen to Belfast 2013 2013-11-16 DNF 203
Regata Palermo Montecarlo 2013 2013-08-18 DNF 205

Other races

Race Date  Final place  Points
Sail Around Turkey 2013 2013-08-06 DNF 206
August Two-step 2013-08-11 DNS 214
Carib Rum Run 2013 2013-09-10 DNF 217
Tasman Double 2013 - Race 1 2013-12-26 221 221
Finland-Sweden Archipelago Raid 2013-12-06 DNS 225
Hawaiian ZigZag 2013 2013-12-17 DNS 274
BA_Rio 2013 2013-10-04 DNS 298


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Current Races:

Traverse City Traverse 2016
Welcome to Michigan and a tricky lake race in the waters off Traverse City. Designed by SOLer A2 this race features the picturesque Bays, Harbours, Islands & Peninsulas of the Upper Lake Michigan region encompassing both Michigan & Wisconsin.
Race #946
INFO by brainaid.de
Super Maxi 100 Boat Info
WX Updates: 0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
Ranking: SYC
Race starts: Jun 27th 17:00 Registration Open!

Tiree to Coll PYOC Sprint 2016
According to islands ferry operator, Caledonia McBrayne, Tiree is the "Hawaii of the North". A likely story, but with the midge forecast up to Level 5 on the mainland, what odds; let us believe and get offshore to enjoy some surf and sun sprinting 28nm from its western shores to the eastern end of adjacent Coll. Mind the breakers and the guillemots on the rocks!
Race #943
INFO by brainaid.de
Mini 6.5 Boat Info
WX Updates: 0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
Ranking: SRQ2 - SPRCH - SUPSOL – SYC
Race starts: Jun 25th 08:00 Registration Open!

Gibraltar TIMED Race 2016
Welcome to a brilliant TIMED RACE introducing Sailonline's new SuperYacht Falkun. Our race is set at the legendary gateway to the Mediterranean Sea. We begin in the Atlantic and race our most glamorous of yachts to the coasts of Africa and Europe and then on into the Mediterranean.
RE-REGISTER HERE to race again after finishing a run
Race #928
INFOby brainaid.de
Falkun Boat Info
WX Updates: 0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230.
ALT. CLIENT: Classic
REGISTRATION CLOSE: Sunday, 26 June at 2200utc
RACE CLOSE: Sunday, 26 June at 2300utc
Race starts: Jun 17th 12:00 Registration Open!

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SYC Ranking

  1. Sailonline Yacht Club Member bonknhoot
  2. Sailonline Yacht Club Member kenza
  3. Sailonline Yacht Club Member rumskib
  4. Sailonline Yacht Club Member zero
  5. Sailonline Yacht Club Member WINSTON_4
  6. Sailonline Yacht Club Member rafa
  7. Sailonline Yacht Club Member longreacher
  8. Sailonline Yacht Club Member Dingo
  9. Sailonline Yacht Club Member Henrys
  10. Sailonline Yacht Club Member Neuroman

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